Please feel free to ask questions if you are not familiar with the events.

Events for 2019

21st April - Egg Drop

Our famous egg drop is always a great event! Just turn up and use the clubs plane in an attempt to direct your egg closest to the target from 150 feet.

5th May – Club Scale Day

Members only for this one, bring your best scale plane.

25th May – Fun Fly

The events will be announced on the day.

7th July - Climb and Glide

Using the club plane you have a short time to take off and then your engine will be cut, the person with the longest time in the air will be the winner. Bonus points for landing in a small area on the strip.

4th August – Open Scale Day

This scale day is open to all and is a great chance to meet pilots from other clubs and expand your knowledge of the hobby.

2nd November – Bonfire Night

Fireworks, night flying and a giant bonfire! We aim to have a burger van on site but one way or another there will be food.